Process of a Review

The maternal mortality review process is an ongoing quality improvement cycle that includes the steps depicted in the image below:

Maternal Mortality Review Cycle

Adapted from Berg, C.J. (2012). From identification and review to action—maternal mortality review in the United States. Seminars in Perinatology, 36(1), 7-13.


The purpose of the review process is to find solutions, not assign blame. The implementation of solutions and interventions identified by the committee is the ultimate goal of the review process – data collection and analysis alone do not have a purpose.

The following sections describe the key steps of a review process and highlight tips and strategies along the way. At the bottom of each section are some recommended or model resources that can be implemented immediately to conduct a high quality, comprehensive maternal mortality review. One-on-one technical assistance is always available from the Review to Action team, which includes AMCHP and CDC partners. If you’d like to discuss these steps or resources in more detail, contact us here.