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Reports from Maternal Mortality Review Committees

Report from MMRCs: A View into Their Critical Role

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What is this report?

A preliminary report of data from four states using an innovative data-collection system provides the first in-depth look at key factors contributing to maternal death and showcases opportunities for prevention.

For example:

  • It offers concrete evidence that a maternal death is the tragic result of an intersection of a number of factors. It is the sum of a range of circumstances related to communities, healthcare facilities, providers, and patients. On average, three to four critical factors were identified for each pregnancy-related death.
  • This report highlights that causes of pregnancy-related death differ by age and depending on whether a woman was pregnant, was in delivery or had recently delivered.
  • These data also show that mental health conditions were a leading cause of pregnancy-related death in these four states. More specifically, among postpartum women, suicide most commonly occurs in the late-postpartum period.
  • As more states participate, we can use these data to identify causes and contributing factors to pregnancy-related death and the prevention opportunities with the greatest potential impacts.

Report from Nine MMRCs

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What is this report?
A report of data from nine states using a standard data-collection system provides an in-depth analysis of causes of death, preventability and specific recommendations for action.
For example:
• It confirms that most pregnancy-related deaths are preventable and highlights key opportunities for prevention.
• Nearly half of all pregnancy-related deaths were caused by hemorrhage, cardiovascular and coronary conditions, cardiomyopathy or infection.
• Causes of death differ by race, which highlights unique opportunities for prevention.