Discussion Board

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The Review to Action Discussion Board is a private space for individuals affiliated with a maternal mortality review committee (MMRC) or with responsibility for establishing one to ask questions of one another and interact with subject matter experts. Members of the Discussion Board can start new conversation threads, respond to existing threads, follow threads of interest, and pose topics or ideas for in-depth technical assistance for the project team to consider. It is our hope that the Discussion Board becomes a living, breathing reference for MMRC teams to learn from one another and where common needs, challenges, and solutions are identified.

To protect the Discussion Board as a safe space for open discussion and brainstorming, the Review to Action team needs to approve everyone that requests an account. This approval process may take 1-2 business days. For states with a MMRC in place, the approval process includes confirming the individual’s name and contact details with the primary and/or secondary contact for the MMRC. For states without a MMRC in place, the Review to Action team will get in touch to confirm your ability to represent the state health department, health care professional organization, or other stakeholder group in the Discussion Board.

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