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Stories are perhaps the most powerful tool in describing the impact of maternal mortality on individuals and communities. They unite us in support. Stories in maternal mortality may be those of grief, re-building, the emergence of new ideas or solutions, and so much more. As part of our effort to build political and social will for the review and prevention of maternal deaths in the United States, consider sharing a story from your community about your connection to the topic, what it means to you, and what you see ahead.

There is no required format or content for submitting a story. We just ask that stories be 500 words or less. All stories will be kept confidential, and would only be shared with your permission (this is the reason we ask for your name and email address). We may request to share your story for one of the following reasons: you reside or work in a state without a maternal mortality review committee, and your story will help educate policymakers on the need for a committee; you have an innovative idea for supporting maternal mortality review committees or preventing maternal mortality that we’d like to explore with you more; or we know of supports or programs that may be of assistance to you.


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